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Online, March 23 & 24, 2021


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Join the #futuremakers, #unleashyoursuperhero and together create #afuturebydesign

2021 SingularityU Australia Summit 

The SingularityU Australia Summit explores the latest in converging technologies and showcases how they are being used to disrupt industries and positively impact the world. Be part of an unforgettable gathering of leaders and change-makers connecting with new people and ideas, and co-creating a better world.


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Who Will I Meet?


Investors, C-Level Suite Execs and Government Officials


Innovators, Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits


Educators and Future Leaders

Change Makers

The SingularityU Australia Summit:

  • Is for the Optimists, the Dreamers, the holders of the Crazy Ideas and all their supporters.
  • Is for the thought leaders driving exponential change and positive impact who are looking to shift from Idea to -->> Moonshot to -->> Action!
  • Celebrates, promotes and births change agents. We encourage their high impact ideas and align them as thought leaders for innovation, exponential and positive social change.


Through connections made at the Summit, national and local conversations about innovation and collaborations erupt.


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What is SingularityU?

SingularityU is a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.

We are creating a future of abundance that is bright, equitable, and leaves no one behind.

We are not bystanders. We act with purpose, leveraging exponential technologies to definitively solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

We lead courageously and set an example for changing the world.

We do no harm and refuse to compromise others for our own benefit. Our passion for the wellbeing of humanity drives our action.

We are a community of inclusion, collaboration, and deep connection in which every individual is integral to success and the greatest ideas are often those never heard before.

We cultivate a critical mindset that is empathetic, understanding, and respectful of all points of view.

We make decisions based on evidence and logic which push boundaries and redefine possibility.

We take Moonshots, thinking big and taking risks to solve problems and impact billions of lives.

We believe that big dreams, strong collaboration, and powerful tools create an unstoppable force for good.

Together, we can solve any challenge we encounter.


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Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

Executive founder & director

The Founder & Executive Chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. He is also the Executive Founder and Director of Singularity University, a global learning and innovation community using exponential technologies to tackle the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for all.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 3.58.19 pm

Dr. Ray Kurzweil

Co-Founder and Chancellor

One of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions. Called “the restless genius” by The Wall Street Journal and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes magazine, he was selected as one of the top entrepreneurs by Inc. magazine, which described him as the “rightful heir to Thomas Edison.” PBS selected him as one of the “sixteen revolutionaries who made America.”

Global Impact: A Future by Design

Why attend?

  • Unlearn to relearn at this leading global event
  • Meet fellow change-makers and discover the world’s breakthrough innovations
  • Access and connect with some of the most influential technologies to be ahead of change
  • Positively impact the world alongside other globally conscious leaders
  • Design the future up personal and out loud!
  • Where else would you get thousands of hours of research packed into two massive days of information and conversation

What's on?

  • SU Faculty who will share the latest technological advancements and what they mean for Australia and the world
  • Thought Leaders from around the globe
  • On stage conversations and debates to shape the future of education, sustainability and inclusivity
  • Fireside conversations
  • Technology Lab
  • Deep Dive Tech Stage

2021 SingularityU Australia Summit Program*

Unleash Your Superhero.

What do Equality, Equity and Social Justice have to do with it?


*program is subject to change

Day 1
Welcome to Country
with Peter Diamandis
#FutureMakers #UnleashYourSuperhero
with Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys
Education and Learning
Lifelong Learning
with Uncle Paul Gordon
Lifelong Learning
with Oren Berkovich
Superhero talk
Lifelong Learning
in conversation on VirBELA
Morning Tea
Health and Wellbeing
with Divya Chander
Augmenting Humans
with Naveen Jain
Viome and Longevity
panel with moderator Vanessa Matthijssen
The Power of Food.
in conversation on VirBELA
Afternoon Tea
Tech for Good Panel
with Tanguy Fournier Le Ray, Simone Planté, Uncle Paul Gordon with moderator Tristan Forrestor
Are we using traditional technology as best we can as well?
Ethics in the 21st Century
Ethical conversation and hypothetical
with moderator Jon Yeo
Day 2
with Soul Machines
Superhero Journey Through Day 1
Governance and Society
with Mariana Dahan
Governance and Society
with Dean Lloyd and Keenan
Governance and Society
The Future of Governments
Governance and Society
panel with moderator Lisa Leong on VirBELA
Time for change. By the people, for the people.
Morning Tea
Climate and Environment
Super Planet
with Nicki Hutley
Super Planet
with Natalie Isaacs
One Million Women
Super Planet
discussion with Natalie Isaacs and Nicki Hutley
New Metrics
with Penny Locaso
with Eddie Jak
Afternoon Tea
Where to from here
with Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys
with David Roberts
Global Inspiration for Superheroes
SingularityU reiterated the future is here and now and we all can play a role in shaping it.... creating a better world for current and future generations
Arjan Bloemer
COO, Heritage Bank
Amazing experience! Open minded people coming together and sharing what is up with the world... helped me immensely in connecting with people facing the same challenges... and reassuring me that... the world can really be a better place!
Luke Flanagan
Senior Analyst, Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte Australia
At the end of the Summit, my head was full of ideas...I felt inspired, excited, challenged, connected... with an overall deep sense of hope that technology could be used as a tool to make humanity and the world better. I had been given a vision of what freedom for all humankind could look like, and... I knew in my heart that this future was possible.
Lawrence Mitchell
Lawrence Mitchell
Founder & CEO - RAW Energy

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