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Live OnLine Program

A cost-effective way to deliver our world-class programs and content, presented by our Expert Faculty, to your organisation.

Interactive talks and workshops to support you and your teams to develop a flexible vision and a structured way forward.

Moonshot Thinking for Leaders

Christina Gerakiteys Co-CEO SUAU - 26th May, 12.30-2pm

The Platform Wars: How Competing Software, Hardware & Politics Could Accelerate Divisions in Humanity

Peter Xing - May 27th, 9-10.30am

Accelerating through Disappointment

Brad Twynham - 27th May, 11am-12.30pm

Future Forecasting: At the Nexus of Economics, Environment and Social Impact

Nicki Hutley - 27th May 1-2.30pm

Exponential Consciousness

Anuraj Gambhir - 27th May, 3-4.30pm

Embracing Emerging Mega-Trends and New Paradigms

Anuraj Gambhir - 28th May, 10-11.30am

The iPhone 20: A Roadmap to Integrate Smart Devices with Humans by 2023

Peter Xing - 28th May, 12.30-2pm

Radical Open Mindedness: The Key to Adaptable Leadership

Brad Twynham - 28th May, 3-4.30pm

Changing Mindset and the Mindset for Change

CHRISTINA GERAKITEYS Co-CEO SUAU - 29th May, 10.30am-12pm

Mastering Communication for Influence & Confidence

Cath Molloy - 29th may, 12.30-3.30pm

Quantum Camp - Food Chemistry:Ages 8-10

Online Science Lab: 1-5th June 11am-12pm

Deconstructing Business to First Principles

Christina Gerakiteys Co-ceo SUAU - 1st June, 2.30-4pm

Transhumanism: The Next Logical Step in our Evolution

Peter Xing - 2nd June, 10.30am-12pm

Design Thinking - The Bootcamp

Christina Gerakiteys Co-CEO SUAU - 2nd June 4-5.30pm

COVID-19: Opportunities for Automation and Remote Delivery

Peter Xing - 3rd June, 9-10:30am

Will We Make It To 2050?

Kathryn Sforcina - 3rd June, 11-12:30pm

Future Forecasting: At the Nexus of Economics, Environment and Social Impact

Nicki Hutley - 3rd June, 1.30-3pm

Technology Meets Spirituality

Anuraj Gambhir - 4th June, 11am-12.30pm

The Conscious Leader

Cath Molloy - 4th June, 12.30-2pm

ExpONEntial - The Road To Infinity

Christina Gerakiteys Co-CEO Susa - 5th June 10.30-12pm

The Future is Wear-to-Able

Anuraj Gambhir - 5th June, 12.30-2pm

Leadership X-Change

christina gerakiteys co-ceo suau - 8th June, 9-10.30am

Super-Intelligent Organisations: Business Models for the AI Era

peter xing - 8th June, 11am-12:30pm

Quantum Camp - Energy & Climate:Ages 10-14

Online Science Lab 8th-12th June 11am-12pm

Harness the 10 Transformational Forces for Impact

Kathryn Sforcina - 9th June, 10.30-12pm

The Future Of Global Finance

Lisa Andrews CO-ceo SUAU - 11th June, 10.30-12pm

Changing Mindset and the Mindset for Change

CHRISTINA GERAKITEYS Co-CEO SUAU - 12th June, 10.30-12pm

Body Language for Business Success

Cath Molloy - 12th June, 2.30-4pm

The Science Of Askology - Don't Ask, Don't Get

Christina Gerakiteys Co-ceo SUAU - 15th June, 10.30-12pm

The Transformation of Tribes: Finding Meaning and Purpose

Kathryn Sforcina - 16th June, 10.30-12pm

Using Data to Solve the Global Grand Challenges

Lisa Andrews Co-CEO SUAU - 18th June, 10.30-12pm

How the UN and Other Leaders Harness the 10 Transformational Forces

Kathryn Sforcina - 23rd June, 10.30-12pm

Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation

Lisa Andrews Co-ceo SUAU - 25th June

The Transformation of Tribes: Trust at the Speed of Transformation

kathryn sforcina - 30th June, 10.30-12pm

A 10,000 year Legacy

Lisa Andrews co-ceo SUAU - 2nd July, 9-10.30am

The Transformation of Tribes: Making Sense of Sensemaking

Kathryn Sforcina - 7th July, 10.30-12pm

Building Your Financing Roadmap

Lisa Andrews Co-ceo SUAU - 9 July, 10.30-12pm

The Crucial Role of Systems Leadership in Architecting a Future for the Dynamic and Emergent

Kathryn Sforcina - 14th July, 10.30-12pm

Global Grants

Lisa Andrews Co-CEO SUAU - 16th July, 10-11.30am

Solving the Executive Function of the Collective Intelligence

Kathryn Sforcina - 21st July, 10.30-12pm

Exponential Business Models

Lisa Andrews Co-ceo SUAU - 30th July, 2.30-4pm

10 Transformational Forces that will Forge a Sustainable Future

Kathryn Sforcina - 28th July, 9-10.30am

Introduction to Circular Economics

Brad Twynham - 21st May, 3-4.30pm

Conscious Leadership in Crisis and Beyond

Cath Molloy - 22nd May, 2.30-4.30pm

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