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Submit an idea that will positively impact the lives of the people of Australia and beyond.

Applications for the SUAU Impact 1 Billion Bootcamp are open.

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SingularityU Australia Incubation Hub


How will you create positive impact?

How would you leverage exponential technologies to address Australia’s grand challenges in energy, environment, food, shelter, space, water, disaster resilience, governance, health, learning, prosperity and security?

How would this improve the lives of millions of people in Australia and around the globe in 5 – 10 years?


The purpose of the SingularityU Australia Incubation Hub is to foster entrepreneurs, startups and anyone with moonshot ideas to have positive impact. We intend to improve the lives of Australians and scale the moonshot to impact a billion people worldwide in 10 years.

We run 3 2-day Bootcamp Weekends each year. We invite our experts in to share wisdom on pitching, branding and commercialisation and our expert faculty come in as mentors. Attendance is by application or invitation only. 

What moonshot can you imagine that would solve a global grand challenge using exponential technology?

SingularityU Australia Incubation Hub

Why host an Incubation Hub in Australia?

Australia is the only continent country on this planet. Covering an immense area of the globe, naturally, the people of Australia are diverse and all-encompassing. With that comes a vast array of innovation, continuously proving to strive and thrive through adversity and necessity. Let’s rise to the occasion and showcase the innovative and creative ideas from Australia that have the potential to positively impact the world. Our Incubation Hub was born from the success of our Global Impact Challenges held in 2019.


The Community

Once you have attended an Incubation Hub Bootcamp, you are part of our SingularityU Australia community. We continue to support our community in as many ways as possible. Our Alumni include Bindi Maps, Neutopia, Matter and other startups making their mark while making the world a better place.


SUAU Impact 1 Billion Bootcamp

Upcoming 2-Day Bootcamp Immersions

October 15 and 16, 2020

January 30 and 31, 2021

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2019 winners and finalists

GIC Round 1 Grand Final

Marine Futures Lab

SingularityU2019-ImpactB1-Day 1-248



Marine Futures Lab is working globally to document the status of over-fished open-ocean wildlife, pioneering video-based field methods, and developing open-source automated software for video processing. Cost-effective equipment and open-source processing mean scientists and managers around the world, including developing countries where financial resources are most limited and overfishing is greatest, can generate the knowledge needed to halt and reverse ocean wildlife declines.


Ripe Time

As the world struggles with overwhelming food wastage, RipeTime has developed a patented technology to help proactively deal with the problem, in the form of an atmosphere reader. Cost-effective ethylene detection allows users to accurately forecast ripeness of produce, receive real-time alerts and automate ethylene cleaners & other ag-tech systems.


Listen to our Inspire For 5 podcasts with past winners and finalists

Sahil Harriram from Elite Robotics
Mladen Jovanovic from BindiMaps
Declan Edwards from BU Coaching
Dr. James Hehre from Marine Futures

Partners and sponsors

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Rules and Criteria

  • Applicant Criteria

    Participants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

    • Have at least 2 people on your team
    • You must be age 18 or older
    • You must be fluent in written and spoken English
    • You must be able to participate in the 2 days of the Incubation Hub Bootcamp
  • Who Should Apply

    We will be really thrilled to find:

    • SU mission alignment: You have a startup in one of the global grand challenge (GGC) spaces.
    • Team: Your startup has at least two full-time co-founders.
    • Experience: You have expertise in an exponential technology and/or a key GGC space.
    • Time: Your venture is a fully formed entity, and is in the seed-stage or idea-stage.
    • Traction: You have demonstrated market traction (LOIs, purchase orders, validated trials, sales, etc.).
    • Eagerness to learn: You’re looking for a substantial shift in mindset and skill set, and are eager to globalize your startup and 10x your impact.
    • Availability: You’re available to travel to attend the transformational Singularity University program.
  • Assessment Criteria

    We will evaluate submissions using the following criteria:

    • Degree of the solution’s relevance to the theme of the challenge
    • The regional relevance in solving the challenge in Australia
    • Project or Idea leverages exponential technology to solve the problem
    • Feasibility, Viability, and Coherence of implementing the idea
    • Impact & compelling need and potential to scale globally
    • Committed existing team
  • Entry Criteria

    • CV or resume
    • Summary of accomplishments
    • An abstract of the project idea
    • Video (provide url) of the project idea


Still have questions?

Contact the SingularityU Australia Incubation Hub team