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Impact 1 Billion Bootcamp 
Program Overview

This 2-day immersion is for founders, innovators inventors and organisations who are ready to increase their vision, their reach and their capacity to impact 1 billion lives.

They may have an MVP and wish to finesse  branding, pitch and purpose.  Alternately, they may be in the early stages of  ideation and want to incubate an idea into a project or venture.

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Program Deliverables

2 Day Intensive Bootcamp
8am – 6pm 

Upcoming Bootcamps

June 24-25, 2021
Oct 28-29, 2021

Learning Content:

You will develop your presentation and deliver a powerful 3 minute pitch by Bootcamp's end.

  • Develop and define your Moonshot Idea.
  • Formulate your plan to impact 1 billion lives
  • Map the entrepreneurial journey
  • Effectively communicate your idea, using our Marketing 101 methodologies
  • Target an investor-ready method, empowered by our experienced investor and fund management expert 

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SingularityU Australia Activate Bootcamp

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