Christina Gerakiteys

Transforming Impossible to Possible


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Moonshot Thinking has inspired innovation throughout history. To create, we need to imagine, then execute. Our potential is unlimited.

Christina Gerakiteys is Co-CEO of SingularityU Australia and a catalyst for change, alchemising impossible to possible through unleashing human potential. An eternal optimist and idealist, Christina’s mission is to inspire, transform and empower leaders to find solutions to humanity’s grand challenges. Through her work, she seeks to open hearts and minds to the abundant possibilities and hope for humanity presented by exponential technologies.



  • Moonshot Thinking – Taking Action in Uncertain Times
  • ExpONEntial – The Road To Infinity
  • Arriving at UtopiaX
  • Finding and Creating Impact



  • Moonshot Thinking for Leaders

  • Changing Mindset and the Mindset for Change

  • Design Thinking – The Bootcamp

  • Leadership X Change

  • The Science of Askology - Don't Ask, Don't Get

  • In Search of Meaning and Purpose

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