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SingularityU Australia offers online, self-paced courses which provide vital insights into abundance thinking, opportunity, innovation and mindset.  This program is offered to individuals and to organisations.

These programs are facilitated daily and include a weekly live webinar to connect the community.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and digital biology are rapidly and dramatically reshaping the global business landscape.  

By enrolling in Singularity Australia's Digital Online programs, you’ll understand these challenges and create new opportunities.
There are opportunities to work on real world or imagined projects.

  • Increase your employees’ awareness of exponential technologies and trends
  • Give them the ability to identify and track disruptive trends and recognise opportunities for growth
  • Provide them with a framework to find innovative solutions to current and future challenges
  • Transform them into exponential leaders who can quickly adapt to change who will actively work to innovate for future growth

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