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1 min read

The Good Guys Win

Our friends in South Africa are struggling. They have just entered level four lockdown as a result of a third COVID...

1 min read

Hit Pause, Consider and Act

It's time we took a collective breath. Time to stop and look each other in the eye and ask ourselves what we stand for. 

1 min read

Increasing Impact

We are always seeking ways to have a disproportionate impact. This week we discussed non-executive board roles and what...

2 min read

Carpe Diem

Life is filled with tests. Lifelong beliefs can be thrown into chaos when you need them the most to sustain you. They...

1 min read

What is success?

Ask this question at your next dinner party or family barbecue and the answers will most likely be different than if...

1 min read

Disruption, Imagination, and Curiosity

Some financial institutions have adopted cryptocurrency. Visa is helping banks roll out Bitcoin and Crypto. JPMorgan...

1 min read

Leadership - A Philosophy

This week we were gifted the opportunity to consider our philosophies on leadership. 

In 2021, we are all leaders; of...

2 min read

Ethics and Exponentials in the 21st Century

Some time ago, I wrote an article titled The Rise of the Chief Ethics Officer. The topic, Ethics, has taken on a new...

1 min read

Strangers to Uncertainty No More

Uncertainty is a word that has been increasingly used to describe life during 2020. Traditionally, if we are uncertain,...

2 min read

The Time for Kindness and Morality is Always Now

Kindness should always be our guiding force. I've been horrified this week to learn that there are some high-end...